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Good day!

Do not consider on my grammar, Im from Japan.I uploaded the virus on your device.After that I thiefted all privy data from your device. Moreover I had some more evidence.The most entertaining compromising that I received- its a record with your self-abusing.I installed virus on a porn page and then you downloaded it. As soon as you decided with the video and pressed play, my virus immediately loaded on your device.

After adjusting, your web camera made the video with you self-abusing, moreover it saved precisely the video you chose. In next week my virus grabbed all your social and work contacts.

If you desire to eliminate all the compromising evidence- transfer me 325 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency).
I provide you my Bitcoin number - 16jgLaXXmdRtLsd7qkvuiSHmSt8RRCU2jr

You have 24 h. from this moment. If I receive transaction I will erase the videotape forever. Differently I will forward the video to all your colleagues and friends.

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