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From John

De: John <>
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Sujet: From John
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 02:07:42 +0800 (21/11/2013 19:07:42)

Please take a minute to read this letter rather than marking it as spam or deleting it.

I'd like to introduce you to digital marketing, to its pros and, of course, cons.

Suppose, you start up a new shop or you start a sale. How are you going to inform your buyers and visitors of a sale or a shop opening?

Let us consider an example:

You have a clothing store in New York at Harrison Ave, or in Washington at Cader Ln, or at Anamosa St in Rapid City, or at any street of any city. I will not you ask how it turned out that there is such a store in the bottom of the sands but there is a store.

Let's say you sell jackets, let's narrow and say you sell women's jackets.

What can be done about it?

Just sit and wait! - it will not help.

Oh, you can make a TV commercial! But, your entire store costs less than a 30 sec ad on a central TV channel.

Hand out leaflets! It's not expensive, but it's not effective neither.

Make a radio commercial! It's expensive. Besides, you realize that for a large city, people will not go to the other end of the city ...

Order an email campaign! Yes, I can tell you, it's good, BUT you are not an online store. Yes, people will visit your web-site if you have any and browse its content. But you do not offer delivery services. And yet, there is no district selection criteria.

So, the most cost-efective solution is to make SMS commercials!

We can make phone numbers selection by:

- Your city district
- MenWomen
- we are able to narrow the circle, let's say women of 25-40.

And a Miracle! All women of a district will know that you have a women's jacket on sale! That YOUR shop is within walking distance! And that you are waiting for THEM!

Let's calculate the cost:

Staten Island

Women of age 25-40 - 62,000 (average) numbers per $ 0.03 each - $ 1,860. The larger the campaign, the less is the price for each message.


You don't have to use a steam hammer to crack nuts.

This is one of many examples how effective SMS commercial campaigns can be.

Even more: restaurants, banks, car shops, basically for each and every niche, who knows who their perspective clients are and can make a short sale offer.

Since you already are reading this letter, let's consider another example: Your business is far more global and targeted to more than a single district of a single city. Your client may be any person not only from your city, but from any corner of your country. You will not go for SMS commercials!? Well, you can, but it is too expensive... Moreover, your need is not only to let people know that your business exists in the world, but you also need to constantly remind perspective customers about yourself.

Here we are! You receive our promo letters almost every day. Maybe even several of them per day. Some of them you trash, some of them you look through, and exactly this email you decided to read through. By this email we not only show that we exist, but we constanly remind about ourselves. And You decide that this is the right time to order a campaign from us. This is the way how E-mail campaigns work.

Constant mentions and offers of you products bring steady and stable results.

We developed packages to make your campaigns less costy. Yes, we may raise prices and remove all packages. That is the way most people do. Our policy is that a happy customers will stay with us for a long time and tells his friends about us. A single campaign is NOT effective. This is why we developed the packages.

Email commercial as any other commercial is not only a mass product but an obtrusive one. Your and our goal is to deliver the ad at a certain moment in a certain form. Let's say an ad is delivered at midnight, with an offer to buy a firm. . . who might need a firm at midnight? Will You be intersted in such an ad at midnight?. . Most probably, not.

I can speak volumes forever about it.

We have been in business for over 9 years and here is what we can offer:

Email commercials:

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